Slim - Au Pair for Hire

11:53 AM Izzy Grey 0 Comments

Hi, I'm Slim!

I'm a 4 year old Pitbull, but don't be scared! I'm here to offer my services to you! I met my family 2 years ago, when they rescued me, and since then I have found my true calling in life. I'm the first pupper Au Pair in North Carolina!

I'm really good at my job! My Mom brings me kittens, and I raise them up right! I help them with their homework, french lessons, and make sure their get to their extracurriculars on time. This little black baby is Marie, she doesn't look like much now, but with my help, she'll be the opera singer she always dreamed of!

This is my second baby, Berlioz. He's taking his required 45 minute nap right now, but that's just to get him prepared for his ballet lessons! We practice at home all the time, so I know he'll be a great success!

My third student, Toulouse is showing real talent for painting. You can see how he's hunched over, hard at work on this latest masterpiece. With my gentle guidance, he gets better every day!

Sometimes I take on hoomin students, but they can be quite a bit harder to train. It take's a lot of work to do what I do, but I love every minute. My services are highly recommended!

I hope you'll hire me to help with your wee ones as well! Time to go, I have a new student who needs some help with their photography lessons!