Hannah - Phobia of Being Looked At

4:58 PM Izzy Grey 0 Comments

Hi, I'm Hannah!

I'm a 2 year old Newfoundland, but I'm creeping up on 3, in February. Though I have a bigger secret I have to come clean about. I actually suffer from Scopophobia, the fear of being stared at, and as a pupper my size, let me tell you, it's hard to deal with every day! Mum thinks it's time I see a therapist, to talk me through my phobia. It would sure make things easier for my family!

I try my very hardest to avoid eye contact with hoomins, and even other dogs. Though my Mum and Dad are an exception. As soon as they get out that camera, to try to take my picture, I have to hide my face! It's just so scary to know someone is trying to look at me! It's hard being a big pup, because everyone wants to look at you and give you cuddles.

Mum took me to the groomer, and I never once looked at the lady. It was pretty hard to keep looking at the table, and she said something about 'lead head', but really, I was just very nervous that she would look at me too much! She put pretty bows in my ears though, so maybe it's ok to look at people...just a little.