Meka - International Spy Doge

11:55 AM Izzy Grey 1 Comments

Hi, I'm Meka!

I'm an 8 year old Shiba Inu, but the internet calls my breed Doge. I am cream Doge, and most beautiful of my kind. Don't listen to what other Doges say, they are wrong. They are all wrong. I am most beautiful. Bask in the glory that is my beauty. 

I have many hobbies, which include rolling in dead things, stealing cheese, catching the pokeymans with my mum, and international espionage. Doge spy is best spy. We are small, we are fluffy, and we are perfect for fitting into small spaces, or hiding in plain sight. My natural beauty makes me ideal for missions where I masquerade as regular dog. But that's not always the case. Sometimes I must wear disguises on my assignments. This is degrading, but must be done. For America.

Babushka disguise was worn in Russia, where I had to go undercover to bring down a diamond smuggling ring. Blood diamonds are bad diamonds. Bubby Doge saved the day.

I had to go deep undercover in my native home of Japan, in an attempt to stop a madman from blowing up Mount Fuji. Was hard mission, and was almost found out, but thanks to this yukata made by my mum, we still have Fuji. You're welcome.

I must go now, duty calls. But first, nap. To the Doge Cave!

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